is a free digital community platform where service-users can positively endorse and share information on the whereabouts of rated coaches, tutors and personal trainers.
  • We are digital community but connect real people in real life;
  • We believe in virtues, values and vitality within of social community;
  • Build ethical and independent networks;
  • We are sure it is possible to rate coaches and tutors in a positive way!
  • Users are not anonymous – thanks to our 'matching' contact network –  any attempts to unduly harass anyone accessing our site will be swiftly addressed.
  • Users can tap into local knowledge through our ‘Friends’ network;
  • Reconnect and revitalize local communities;
  • No place for hidden advertisements!


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is a free digital community platform where service-users can share information on the whereabouts of coaches, tutors and personal trainers they rate for help with sports, learning and recreational activities.
What we believe in:
  • We are digital community but we connecting real people in real life 'face-to-face' with tutors;
  • We recognize that there are lots of coaches and tutors of different abilities and levels of professionalism. So we want to help our community discover the best and most talented professionals;
  • We believe in word of mouth and recommendations from people we trust the most;
  • We encourage upbeat, positive language in rating coaches and tutors;
  • Users are not anonymous  to prevent spam, trolling and other negative activity;
  • We based on high ethical standard so there is no place for hidden advertising or online harassment;
  • Our network helps revitalize and network local communities;
  • Users can tap into local knowledge through our ‘Friends’ network;


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To match users (to recognize them as Friends in App) we are using contact details provided by users during registration like phone number and email.

After receiving access to contacts application first checks if phone number and email exist on our database to find ‘Friends’ already having profile in our App and locate them in our folders automatically.

Application during that process is not collecting any contact details from the contact list in the phone...  access to contacts is needed only to recognize and match users having already profiles in our app.

Only Friends in App can read each other comments, can see details of left recommendations and can see on the map pins with locations of activities rated by own Friends,  for example: user after opening the Coach Card from pin on map can see in folder Comments only comments left by Friends in App (which should naturally prevent from users harass the other users/coaches, but also allows users to check information direct with Friend who left comment).

Of course, if user no longer wish to share information with one of more contacts collected in 'Friends' folder, those contact(s) can be remove simply by using our 'Remove' button and can be move back to folder Friends at any time later.

You can report all cases of abuse by clicking the 'Report abuse' button located on every Coach Card and Recommendation Card or sending an email to Search4Coach’s administrator from screen Manage my account (clicking an icon  located in the right corner in upper panel)

We monitor the service to ensure positive and upbeat sharing!

To help maintain a safe, supportive and positive online service, Search4Coach requires service-users to familiarize themselves with conditions of our  Code of Conduct outlining users rights and restrictions.

To  Manage all data collected in App user from every screen are able to access screen Manage my Account (clicking an icon located in right corner in upper panel).

The user can update all personal details given during registration: Name, Surname, profile  Picture, Phone Number, Location except Email Address because given email address is used to verify the account.

Group messages will be sent only to users living in a particular area, someone who recommended coaches there, left comments or ratings so the message will receive only someone who has got knowledge about coaches working in that particular area.

Make friends in the area you wish and don't know - at the same time be positive and accept friends invitations from new people asking for advice regarding the area you are familiar with!